Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Philadelphia has Classes for Preschool (Little Dragons), Kids, Teens and Adults of all Fitness Levels and Abilities

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Philadelphia proudly serves the Southwest Philadelphia area including Upper Darby, Drexel Hill, Springfield, Lansdowne, Clifton Heights, Yeadon, Sharon Hill, Havertown & Main Line communities.

Who we Are And why You Should Train Here

Since we opened in August 2020, we have been dedicated to improving the lives of people one person at a time through our system of martial arts called Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all students and family members in the Southwest Philadelphia area. We are a family, embracing the grind together to achieve, develop and succeed in our self defense, fitness, and personal life goals.

We strongly believe that martial arts can be for everyone, regardless of age, gender, past injuries or experience levels. Throughout all of our programs, students will not only learn the necessary combat principles, strategies and techniques to protect themselves, we stand behind our realistic and practical approach, confident it will enable every member to achieve greatness and live their best life.

Get To Know Our World Class Instructors


Sifu Jasper Silvis

Sifu Jasper Silvis is a Level 10 (gold sash) student of Sigong (Grandmaster) Joseph Sayah, who is a direct student of William Cheung, disciple of Yip Man. Sifu Jasper first started his Traditional Wing Chun journey in October 2002 under Master Keith Mazza, also a direct student of William Cheung. From 2016-2020, he trained under Sifu Seth Eisman who first introduced him to Sigong Joseph Sayah. Sifu Jasper’s transition to train directly under Sigong Joseph Sayah occurred in Spring 2020 when the new academy was first created. He was an instructor in a modified Shaolin system before transitioning to Traditional Wing Chun, the latter being a result of seeking more combat efficiency and optimized body mechanics. As an aerospace engineer and software developer, as well as certified personal trainer and sports nutrition consultant, Sifu Jasper appreciates how Traditional Wing Chun merges anatomy with geometry, allowing the student to learn, develop and excel rapidly. And as a married father of three sons, active church deacon and youth group volunteer, and former Cubmaster, he makes techniques and combat principles accessible to youth as young as 4 years old, creating a positive environment that prepares both mind and body to improve confidence, stress management, focus and self-esteem.

Sihing Kael Mara with
with Sifu Jasper Silvis


Level 7 Sihings with
Sifu Jasper Silvis


Your Senior Instructors

Your Senior Instructors

About Us

Sihing Mikael Mara
(Sihing Kael)

Sihing Kael started training under Sifu Seth Eisman in early winter 2018, when Jasper Silvis was his Sihing. Jasper and Kael quickly became friends and training partners, having similar interests in not only the knowledge of Traditional Wing Chun, but its practical applications, embracing the physical training demands of iron body, strength and conditioning. Kael was one of the Sihings who were integral in the construction and preparation of the current school, and from its opening in August 2020, Sihing Kael assumed an assistant instructor role for both Youth and Adult classes. As a middle school teacher, Sihing Kael cultivates bonds with the youth and their families in ways that are encouraging and genuine. He is currently a Level 7 (black sash) instructor.
About Us

Sihing Rex Kelly

Sihing Rex also started training under Sifu Seth Eisman in early winter 2018, when Jasper Silvis was his Sihing. It was Jasper who first trained with Rex in his early days, growing in deep friendship and camaraderie. Sihing Rex, along with his wife Sihing Carla, have developed a keen ability to nurture those with low self-esteem to grow in both technical skill and confidence. Sihing Rex was also integral in the building and preparation of our current academy. His primary instruction time is with Sifu Jasper in the lunch hour afternoon classes, though Sihing Rex also assists during the evening adult classes. He is currently a Level 7 (black sash) instructor.
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Sihing Carla Vulpio

Sihing Carla, like Kael and Rex, started training under Sifu Seth Eisman in early winter 2018, when Jasper Silvis was her Sihing. She started with a hunger to understand optimal movements and techniques to be effective against larger opponents. Her hunger for understanding extended to principles and strategies, allowing her to develop the ability to quickly assess where a student can make minor adjustments to be more effective against a larger opponent or if the student lacks mobility due to age or past injury. Sihing Carla’s gentle but no-nonsense nature fits perfectly in the Little Dragons and Youth classes, assisting Sifu Jasper in those classes (though she also assists in the evening adult classes). She is currently a Level 7 (black sash) instructor.
About Us

Sihing Michael Barnes
(Sihing Mike)

Sihing Mike started training under Sifu Seth Eisman in the fall of 2018, when Jasper Silvis was his Sihing. Though he was nearly 200 lbs heavier at that time, he was determined to develop fluidity and mobility so that he would not rely too much on his size and strength. In 2020, Mike embarked on an inspirational journey to improve his overall health, and lost nearly 200 lbs in a single year, while maintaining his strength! He continues to demonstrate how someone can access fluid efficient mobility and not rely on size and strength, improving the effectiveness of and transitions between defensive and offensive techniques. Sihing Mike primarily assists Sifu Jasper in the late evening adult classes, though he also assists in some afternoon and early evening classes. He is currently a Level 6 (dark brown sash) assistant instructor.