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Wing Chun Training Classes

Wing Chun / Wing Tsun Training classes in the Philadelphia PA.
Group classes or private training. Come train in Drexel Hill, PA.

Martial Arts has many benefits for both men and women. The benefits are both internal as well as external.

Some of the external benefits include: Improved heart function and blood flow, joint and muscle flexibility, overall body strengthening, improved physical stamina, balance, and coordination.

Some of the internal benefits include: Stress relief, internal calm, improved breathing, focus, concentration, and mental, spiritual, and emotional equilibrium.

In terms of practical Women’s Self-Defense, Wing Chun Kung Fu is the style of choice. Wing Chun Kung Fu originated from a woman, and was designed to require less force and strength for maximum achievement. It is easy to train. Size, gender and age pose no limitations. Less time to master. An efficient and practical style of martial arts. More programs information coming soon.